A Busy Week at the NCHCMM

by Rick Austin August 9, 2012 10:35 AM

As usual, the CDC packed the schedule at their annual social marketing conference in Atlanta, and they’ve been busy behind the scenes as well.


Moderating a panel presentation on Wednesday, CDC Associate Director Galen Cole introduced Punam Keller, who described CDC’s new suite of health communication tools, HealthCommWorks.


The suite comes in three parts: MessageWorks, SocialWorks, and ProofWorks. The only tool that’s completely ready for prime time right now is MessageWorks.


Both beginning and experienced health communicators can use MessageWorks to craft new health promotion messages or analyze the effectiveness of existing messages.


SocialWorks,  coming online later this year, will apply a similar routine to crafting and analyzing the effectiveness of the social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) component of your health promotion campaign.


ProofWorks, which will be launched in 2013, will assist health communicators in developing and implementing an evaluation plan for their campaign.


I spoke briefly with Dr. Keller about the potential value of MessageWorks to researchers, and she was emphatic about the growing need for researchers to be conversant with how their results are crafted into health communications.


Go take a look at the HealthCommWorks suite, and tell me what you think of it.

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