When A Product Champion Believes

by Rick Austin March 13, 2012 11:17 AM

After reading about it in Bon Appetit, the New York Times, and Texas Monthly, I had to take a side trip from SXSW to experience Franklin Barbecue in Austin.


We all know a sales and marketing type who has the gift of gab, a chatterbox, he’ll talk your ear off. Aaron Franklin is not that guy. He loves to talk about his barbecue, but he doesn’t chat about it. He engages you. You ask him a question about fatty end versus lean end, or cooking times, or the recipe for his espresso-based barbecue sauce, and he doesn’t stop until the question is answered to YOUR satisfaction. All while continuing to slice and serve.


Now granted, barbecued brisket is not public health research, but we could all learn, not a thing or two, but a whole lot from Aaron Franklin’s passion for what he does.


No, empirical research doesn’t allow much room, if any, for passion, but research synthesis, community engagement, knowledge translation, does. Are you a product champion for your research?


BTW, the brisket is FABULOUS.


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