Tall Tales From the Heartland

by Rick Austin December 1, 2011 02:51 PM

We just finished a new podcast with Don McCormick, a public information officer for the Iowa Department of Public Health. I blogged about Don’s creation of a story bank previously here, but now we’ve got all the details, the story as it were, right from the horse’s mouth.


If you’re a registered member of KTExchange.org, you can click on “KT Tools,” then “Podcasts” to access Don’s podcast.


As I blogged previously in relation to Don’s story bank, simple ideas are frequently the most effective, and this has begun to prove out, as other divisions of the Iowa Department of Public Health and other states have started adopting Don’s story bank idea.


The secret to Don’s success? Volume, volume, volume. He recommends generating as much material from as many people as you possibly can. The greater the volume, the greater the flexibility you have, on both a local and state-wide level.


We’ll be doing a follow-up podcast next month, featuring one of Don’s local county representatives who has used the story bank at a local level, to great effect.


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